Robert Frederick | Multimedia Journalist


I report, write, edit, review, design, draw, produce, host, speak, code, teach, consult....

Since becoming the inaugural Chief Content Officer / Editor-in-Chief at the Global Virus Network (April, 2023), I've been working on lots of new media projects as well as a strategic plan for the organization that will help, I believe, in how we—as a world—better prevent future pandemics.

This semester, I'm serving as a Capstone Director for a journalism masters student who is reporting on science.
Last semester, I taught podcasting for Harvard's journalism program.

Previously, in additon to teaching podcasting and serving as a Capstone Director, I proposed and taught a new course for Harvard about reporting on climate change. I wrote an article about it for Nieman Reports titled Why Climate Change Stories Need More Context.

I also helped to produce American Scientist's first digital-first feature (excerpted annotated video below), a long-term goal that began with running the redevelopment of the magazine's website.
See the full award-winning digital feature: Putting Eggs in Many Baskets.

In 2021, I concluded an academic-year Nieman fellowship
and taught a new science journalism class I created for Harvard Summer School.

From 2015-2023 (March), I was the Digital Managing Editor at American Scientist.

"New Website: Better, Faster, Stronger..."


"Hungry Little Beasts"


From 2011-2015, I freelanced, experimented with storytelling,
reported on contract for PNAS, and contributed to The Science Writers' Handbook (Da Capo, 2013).
"Disabling Technology -- Don't Let Media Drive The Message"


From 2007-2011, I was on staff at Science magazine.

Officially, I was Associate Online Editor and promoted to Web Editor in 2009. Unofficially, I was Science's first multimedia journalist. Half of my work week was dedicated to the podcast as reporter, editor, producer, interviewer and host.

We took the podcast to the #3 spot in Science & Medicine podcasts on Apple's iTunes (now Apple Podcasts). Here's a representative show featuring:

My beat was the original research published in Science. I also did original reporting for podcasts and videos, helped to launch the magazine's various social media feeds/channels, and contributed to multiple-media online projects.

Here's a playlist of some videos I made at Science.

From 2005-2007, I was the inaugural Science Reporter at St. Louis Public Radio,
where I also contributed to NPR and The Associated Press.

The position was part-time and grant-funded, so I traveled down from my home in Michigan each week. I spent two nights in the dorms on the campus of the University of Missouri - St. Louis, where the station was located at the time. I produced a lot of stories, won an Excellence in Journailsm award from the Greater St. Louis Association of Black Journalists, and even got a few stories on the national network.

From 2003-2005, I freelanced full time—including writing my first major newspaper story for The Dallas Morning News.

I got my start as a science journalist in 2003
thanks to a AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellowship
while pursuing my master's degree in applied mathematics.

I produced two dozen stories that fellowship summer for KUNC-FM. This one I pitched to the network—my first national story.

Representative "Clip A Year"

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· NASA Seeks Answer... (2003) ·

Selected Journalism Recognition

Association Media & Publishing EXCEL Awards
Best New Innovation - Bronze 2023

Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard
Fellowship 2020-2021

Association Media & Publishing EXCEL Awards
Website Redesign - Silver 2018

European Conference for Science Journalists
Travel/Participant Fellowship to Denmark 2017

National Association of Science Writers
Elected to Executive Board 2016
Elected to Board 2014 Selected Representative to Authors Coalition of America, 2014
Travel/Participant Fellowship, 2013
Career Development Grant 2010

Apple’s Podcasts/iTunes “Staff Pick" 2010

Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting
Travel/Participant Fellowship to Germany 2009

World Conference of Science Journalists
Travel/Participant Fellowship to Australia 2007

National Institutes of Health
Medicine in the Media - Travel/Participant Fellowship 2006

Greater St. Louis Association of Black Journalists
Excellence in Journalism Award 2006

Council for the Advancement of Science Writing
Travel/Participant Fellowship 2005

AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellowship
Journalism Fellowship 2003